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Love it or hate it - there's certainly no getting away from Social Media and Social Networking. So why not let us help guide you as you take the plunge and embrace it
You may not wish to get involved with Facebook or Twitter or want to send out email newsletters, but unfortunately to keep in business these days you have to follow the trends and stay one step ahead of your competition.
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Let Web Solutions Cyprus create your social media prescence online utilising Twitter and Facebook

A few years ago you may have thought that social media was just a way for high school and college students to communicate with each other. However, in 2013 social media now exerts tremendous influence over the way people of all ages — get and share information. The implications for your business cannot be underestimated.
For businesses, social media provides brands with an intimate platform to connect with customers and shape their perceptions, whether through timely and targeted promotions, responsive customer service or the creation of communities of interest.

Not convinced - just look at the numbers
Facebook is a perfect example of how social media sites have taken off, attracting an estimated 750,000,000 unique visitors every month and Twitter attracts an estimated 250,000,000 monthly visitors.

Talk to Web Solutions Cyprus today about what Social Media could do for your business and discuss how we can set up a Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus pages for your company.

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  • Web Solutions Cyprus example of an e-newsletter, created for Simply Think UK

why email newsletters are now a necessity

If you're not sending out e-newsletters then you need to ask yourself why not?
E-newsletters are a fantastic way to reach new clients and your current customers - delivering personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.

Who to send to?
Obviously you are going to need subscribers to send to, so it's very important that you sign up the visitors to your website. This needs to be done carefully and respectfully - after all, users are giving you permission to contact them. A strategically placed simple form asking for their email address and possibly their name should suffice. All our Cyprus responsive designed websites are designed to encourage users to subscribe to your business.

Cost effective
When times are tough you need to reach your current and potential customers in the most cost-effective ways possible. E-newsletters are just that - cost-effective, fast, reliable and trackable. See who is and isn't opening your newsletters and tailor your promotions or offers to those who are interested in your business.

Design is crucial
The average recipient will spend 51 seconds reading an e-newsletter so it's important to understand what needs to go into your newsletter and encourage the reader with a call to action.

At Web Solutions Cyprus we have designed many e-newsletters for all types of businesses. Call us today to see what we could do for yours.

Email newsletters created by Web Solutions Cyprus