Web design

What is it? Put simply, it's a cleverly designed website that adapts to the size of the browser window on which it is viewed.
So whether you are viewing it on an iPhone or a 27" desktop PC, the website will display with the same information but wrap to the size of the window.

Range of digital devices showing Web Solutions Cyprus website at different sizes

Let Web Solutions Cyprus create a new site or re-design your current site - and open the doors of your business to the smartphone user.
We can create a website to suit you and your business. Whether that's just a few pages or a complete online shop - whatever the size of business and budget, we can create the solution. Not only will you have an up-to-date code compliant website but you'll know that no matter what platform your customers view it on, they will get the full experience. The future is here - so act now.

Amazingly over 90% of today's websites are NOT mobile optimised!

Do you own a smartphone?
If the answer is yes, then please view your current website on your smartphone. Don't forget to try a few different links and pages. Now view THIS website on the same phone ( and see the difference and experience the ease of use. In a recent survey, 40% of mobile users immediately turned to a competitor's website if they had a bad mobile experience on another!
Still don't think you need a mobile optimised website?

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we can...

  • design > everything from static to dynamic e-commerce sites.
  • develop > keeping up with the latest trends and user demands.
  • optimise > tailor your site so it can be found by your users.
  • maintain > taking the worry out of maintaining your website.
  • hosting > we can also host your site too at competitive prices.

things you should know...

If you're not convinced with the growing trends in smartphone use, here are a few facts that may be of interest.
In 2012, Google published some astonishing statistics on the phenomenal growth in smartphone ownership and usage:

93% of smartphone users access the internet
Accessing the internet.
In the UK alone, 98% of internet users used a PC to access the internet everyday, whilst 93% used a smartphone.
Smartphone ownership in the UK in 2011 rose by 50%
Smartphone ownership.
In 2011, UK smartphone ownership rose from 30% to 45%, a massive rise of 50%. It's now predicted to double year on year.
84% of smartphone users in the UK search for local content
Local information.
84% of UK users search for local information on their smartphone.
80% of UK smartphone users take action after loooking up local content
Smartphone results.
80% of smartphone users take action after looking up local content.